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Integrated Power ICs for LAN

Product Overview

The IC has a variety of control functions for automotive electronic control unit such as linear power supply and CAN transceiver, as well as relay driver for solenoid drive and 3-ch voltage level switch (+B to 5 V), allowing small, low-power, and low-variability applications.

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  • Integrates analog functions required for ECU into a 7 mm x 7 mm package, reducing board space.
  • Provides all interfaces to peripherals, allowing a common platform.
  • HQFP 48-pin Package (Pitch: 0.5mm)

Automotive LAN compatible

  • Built-in CAN-transceiver
    • Compliant with ISO11898 (Standard for high-speed CAN transceiver)
    • TX and RX voltages of 5 / 3.3 V
  • Built-in ISO9141-compliant driver (Equivalent to LIN)
    • Supports +B/5V levels, and 5 / 3.3 V for TX and RX

Built-in high-precision analog circuit and safety functions

  • Power supply for LDO (5 V ± 1.95% when Io = 500 mA)
  • WDT (Latch mode/ Self-reset mode)
  • POR (1ch for 5-V output detection, 2ch for others)

Various control functions

  • Built-in relay driver (1 A) with diagnostic function
  • 3-ch voltage level switching (+B to 5 / 3.3 V)

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