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Automotive IC


  An electronic control unit (ECU) is a control unit that uses microcontroller to control various data from sensor, switch, or other devices. As use of ECU increases in a vehicle to achieve low CO2 emission, low power consumption, and light weight, ECUs mounted in high-temperature environments such as engine compartment are increasing. Therefore, the semiconductor device technology to achieve high withstanding voltage, high thermal resistance, high precision, and low on resistance is required.
  Panasonic's unique fully-depleted Silicon On Insulator (SOI) process technology features higher voltage, higher temperature, lower leakage, and lower on-resistance than conventional one. Use of analog semiconductor products using the technology that has been utilized for plasma display driver for over 10 years enables ECU to work under high-temperature environments.


  Panasonic provides integrated power IC and switch monitor IC for automotive LAN and ECU.

Integrated power IC for LAN

  The IC incorporates linear power supply, CAN transceiver, relay driver for solenoid, 3-channel level conversion switch (from +B to 5 V), and other control functions, which are required for small automotive ECU.

Integrated power IC for LAN

Switch monitor IC

  The IC is an interface IC that monitors the mechanical switches of ECU in a vehicle and informs the MCU whether the switches are ON or OFF. Panasonic offers the two switch monitor IC series ideal for small, streamlined ECU with low power consumption.

  • IC series for small, streamlined ECU
  • IC series with enhanced monitor function

  The former series is ideal for body ECU and the latter is ideal for engine ECU requiring high safety.

switch monitor IC

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