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     How about the storage conditions and the sell-by date of my semiconductors.
     <Storage Conditions>
     1) Storage temperature (ST), Humidity (HU)
          Optical semiconductors : ST= 5-35°C, HU= 45-75%
          Hologram unit : ST= 5-35°C, HU= 45-75%
          Image sensor : ST= 5-30°C, HU= 0-75%
          Other semiconductors : ST= 5-30°C, HU= 30-70%
     2) We recommend that the customer will mount the semiconductors
      on their board within one year from the factory shipment.
     Long storage semiconductors, after one year passed from the
      factory shipment, are out of warranty.
     But please satisfy the storage conditions shown on the above URL.
     As for the long storage semiconductors, the package may cause crack by
     its moisture absorption.
     Customer are recommended to implement the baking before the mounting.
     Furthermore we recommend that the customer will check the electrical
     characteristics of their long storage semiconductors before the mounting.

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