3D sensing Solution

3D sensing Solution
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3D sensing Solution
3D sensing device has a compact optical size, high resolution, and robustness to cope with various environments (light stability and high temperature properties) that enables several applications.
3D sensing Solution
We provides System Development Environment for the growing 3D sensing world by collaborating with the global partners.

Leopard Imaging Inc.

Leopard Imaging Inc. is a global high-tech company that provides High Definition embedded cameras along with other related products. They are working very closely with NVIDIA, Intel, Xilinx and Qualcomm to provide camera solutions to these platforms and now focusing on state-of-the-art camera such as drone robotics and 3D depth camera. They will get the approval for "DRIVE-IX" which is NVIDIA's platform for In-Cabin sensing targeting high level autonomous driving.

Thundercomm Technology Co., Ltd.

Thundercomm is a provider of IoT products, technologies and one-stop services for OEM/ODMs, innovative enterprises and developers in the IoT Area. Thundercomm was jointly established by Thunder Software Co., Ltd. and Qualcomm® Technologies, Inc. in 2016. With the basis of Qualcomm's world-leading SoC technology as well as ThunderSoft's powerful operating system technology and global service capability, Thundercomm is devoted to IoT products to help partners and customers accelerate the process of IoT products from the prototype to mass production. Through Thundercomm's continuous devotion to IoT, along with customers and partners, Thundercomm's goal is to be the backbone of the integrative development of "Internet Plus" strategies.

Panasonic Photo & Lighting Co., Ltd.

Since 1960, Panasonic Photo & Lighting have delivered the first strobe to the world, and since the last 50 years we have responded to a wide range of needs as industry top manufacturers, including professional, single lens reflex, small strobe, built-in strobe for digital still cameras. In addition, Panasonic Photo & Lighting are actively working on TOF camera business, new device materials such as PM 2.5 sensor and EMS business based on most advanced technical capabilities and manufacturing expertise cultivated in the field of optical devices.

Pico Interactive Inc.

Founded in 2015, Pico has over 300 team members with operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan. Pico develops innovative VR and machine vision solutions, including the Pico Zense. Zense is a world-class, high-resolution Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth-sensing technology, which offers end-to-end solutions for machine vision hardware and software. Pico also provides a rich industrial base of 3D visual related capabilities to industrial users as part of development support.

3D sensing Solution
We provide ToF sensing techinical information. It must be useful for your selection of 3D sensing methodology for your design application.

Technical System for 3D Sensing

Nowadays there exists a variety of 3D sensing techniques. In order to expand the use of 3D sensing for safety and security applications, it is essential to reduce the size and cost while ensuring reliability. The non-mechanical ranging methodology provides the simplest technique and best solution to meet those requirements.

Methodology Comparison

There are three types of non-mechanical ranging.
- Structured Light: Depth is calculated by Triangulation
- Indirect ToF: Depth is calculated by the signal ratio proportional to the round trip time of light
- Direct ToF: Depth is calculated by directly measuring the round trip time of light
Each type has its own characteristics.

Ranging Area vs Application

We are currently mass-producing indirect ToF sensors, which have the highest distance accuracy in 1-to-10 m range, aiming to develop applications that provide safety and security by making human situations visible, including biometrics, skeleton detection, condition detection, and behavior prediction.
We are also pursuing the development of direct ToF sensors for a range exceeding 10 m to achieve applications that cover a longer distance.

3D sensing Solution
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May 31, 2019

Panasonic joined "NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2019"

GPU Technology Conference (GTC) hosted by NVIDIA is the premier AI and deep learning event, being held March 17-21, in San Jose, California.We demonstrated our ToF 3D sensing solution and showcase the evaluation kit for NVIDIA's Jetson Xavier, the AI embedded platform.

November 30, 2018

We showcased "Imaging LiDAR" at "electronica 2018", the solution concept using our 3D ToF Image Sensor.

"Imaging LiDAR" is an evaluation device for development that uses our 3D ToF Image Sensor based on the concept of "ambient information sensing technology for the autonomous control to achieve smart mobility".

November 2, 2018

Panasonic joined "CEATEC Japan trade show" and exhibited device technologies with a focus on sensing in order to create solutions that bring the company closer to people and society through innovation made possible by the core concept of "visualize the invisible".

Panasonic semiconductor showcased "Imaging LiDAR". This device senses the ambient information required to enable the autonomous control necessary for achieving smart mobility.

September 13, 2018

Panasonic Integrates 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) Image Sensor with NVIDIA DRIVE

Support for NVIDIA DRIVE IX enable manufacturers to build next-generation in-cabin applications

Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "Panasonic"), which offers technologies to provide safety and security for a comfortable human life, is developing a 3D ToF image sensor, a state-of-the-art depth sensing camera solution. When coupled with the NVIDIA DRIVE car computing platform and DRIVE IX intelligent experience software, manufacturers can develop AI-based advanced driver monitoring systems.

3D sensing Solution
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